When Patrick Hernandez traveled to Colombia with his brother Juan, he overheard from the local radio DJs sending a shout out to all the melómano enthusiasts to listen to the top hits. Patrick described ‘melo‘ being melody for music, and ‘mano‘ stood for the maniacs, the crazy fanatics. As the story goes, he believed his brother Juan was the melody, and he was the maniac (or the crazy one)… Soon there after, he brought home to the States and his local community of San Diego the richness and wholesome love of dance and music, where they formed Melómano Entertainment.

Today, Patrick has combined his talent with the beautiful Diana Trigo. Together, they have traveled and perform all around the world with their amazing team and talented students. With ambitious and passionate partnerships of Island Touch and The Adolfo Indacohea World Team Project, their dance lessons has touched many lives and affected students in profound ways. Their goals are to help build their student’s confidence in dancing Bachata and Salsa, and most importantly to leave the dance floor smiling happy.


Patrick and Diana