Patrick Hernandez, Melómano CEO, started his dance journey when he came to visit in San Diego from NYC back in 2008. It only took a weekend for Patrick to know that San Diego was home and 3 months later he made the permanent move here.

Fast forward 11 years later and Patrick is now the director of one of the biggest dance companies in San Diego, offering public group lessons and training over 100 students of different levels and backgrounds as performers and dancers in his dance company. He also hosts some of the best dance socials in San Diego for Salsa and Bachata and is known as one of the friendliest dancers in the community. His friendly attitude and dancing has taken him to teach from his local city of San Diego to many parts of the world including all the way to Japan.

Patrick’s love for Salsa didn’t come from just the dance, but from the love of the music that was engraved through the 24/7 sound waves of the Cali Radio Stations which are entangled with memories of his childhood. Cali is a city in Colombia known through out the world for its passion and its many contributions to the Salsa genre through Artist, bands and Dance. There waking up, living and falling asleep to the rhythm of Salsa is were his true love for the genre began.

His passion is his life and he practices it every day in the hopes bettering himself and his dance company. The goal is to grow the community and share the passion that he discovered with as many people as possible. He shares his love of dance with his wife, Diana Trigo, an integral part of the Melómano Dance Family. Together they have three beautiful daughters, Luna, Maya, and Ren.

Patrick and Diana would honored to be a part of your dance journey. Melómano will feel like home as  you take your first step in the dance studio. The friendly and welcoming vibes will keep you coming back for more so make sure to stop in and say hello and learn a few moves in the process.

Patrick and Diana