Dance Cycles!

Are you ready for a NEW and EXCITING WAY to reach your Dance Goals? 🤗 🙌🏼 We are offering Salsa and Bachata Dance Team Progressive Cycles!! Get Unlimited Classes per month, only $85 a month. Message us to see when the next Cycle starts!

Melómano has restructured the way we teach dance teams to bring YOU our one of a kind “Dancer Roadmap” which will help you embrace your full potential and also help you gain confidence in your dancing! 💯 💪🏼

START NOW 💥 and reach your dance goals faster! Only $85 a month! AND INCLUDES FREE access to 50+ group classes a month!! ($600 value!)

🔥 By the end of the 2-month cycle you’ll be more confident in your social dancing abilities! You’ll learn:

✔️ NEW moves!

✔️ Leading and following technique!

✔️ Timing!

✔️ Body movement!

✔️  How to have great dances!

✔️ Make new friends that last a lifetime!



💃🏽 Monthly COST for the Cycle:

$85 a month

+50 group classes a month included ($600 value!)

🔹Cycles are 2 months long

🔹Each cycle has a set syllabus which includes both footwork and partner work.

🔹Each cycle will have clear learning objectives and goals.

🔹Each cycle builds on the next and becomes more complex.

🔹We have 3 levels of Cycles! (Beginner to Advanced)


🥳 Sign Up for a Cycle today!

✅ Link to Download the App ⤵️



Join our dance family and take your dancing to the next level. Make new friends and memories to last a lifetime! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have dancing experience, there is a Cycle Level perfect for you!. Check out the Cycle Levels we offer and the benefits of being part of our dance family. When you join a dance team, you receive all of our group dance lessons for FREE! Sign up in our dance app to get started!

We’re excited to start performing teams again in 2022! Click on the team pictures below to view the performance videos of some of the previous teams. This will give you an idea of our style and how much fun you will have learning a routine. Performing is optional.