What is our Class Schedule? http://melomano.us/classes/

Do I need to register for Class? Yes. Our COVID-19 studio guidelines have been implemented and students are required to pre-register by signing up for classes using our Dance App. Available in Apple and Google Play stores. Don’t want to use the App? We got you covered! We also offer a web portal option for Non-App Users. Use Code melomano when registering. (Scroll below for App instructional flyer)

Am I ready for intermediate Salsa? If you understand what Mambo On2 is and know how to Left Turn, Right Turn, Half and Half, Right Axel, Left Axel on the Clave Beat and Love Cross Body Leads, then you are ready.

Am I ready for Intermediate Bachata? If you understand how to keep your tempo in Bachata and know how to Basic, Basic with a Cha Cha, Inside Turn, Outside Turn, Delay Turn and Merengue Turn, then you are ready.

Do I need a partner? No you do not. But if that makes you feel more comfortable you may bring your own.

Can I just dance with my significant other and not rotate? Absolutely.

What should I wear? Comfortable clothes. Leave the fancy for the club and come ready to maybe sweat a little depending on the rhythm of the class.

What type of shoes should I wear? Smooth sole shoes. For example Vans and Toms or something similar. Sneakers tend to have too much grip on the dance floor and remember you are going to be learning how to turn on the dance floor.

Should I wear my Heels? Totally. It is what you are going to be wearing when Social Dancing at our events. But we discourage the use of Platform heels since it is difficult to flex your feet in them. Try Flare of Stiletto style heels.

How do I book a dance class on the Dance App? Please see our instructions below on how to download the app, create an account and book your classes.